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Redback spiders

Redback spiders are one of Australia’s most recognisable species.

Their tough, untidy webs are usually near the ground with the spider hiding often guarding her round woolly egg sacs. Redback spiders are found all throughout Australia. They are common in dry areas around most buildings and in places such as under children's toys, under the lips of stairs, among rocks, in logs, rubbish bins, sheds, toilets, outdoor furniture, machinery and stacked building materials.

Redback Spider

Anyone bitten by a redback spider should seek medical attention

Redback Spider

A female's body is about the size of a large pea. Males are smaller and are brown.

After a red back spider bite, the onset of pain may be delayed for five minutes then increase in intensity.
Symptoms vary but include:


  •         Nausea

  •         Vomiting

  •         Abdominal or generalised pain

  •         Sweating

  •         Restlessness

  •         Palpitations

  •         Weakness

  •         Muscle spasm

  •         Fever



Redback spiders are not aggressive and rarely leave the web. However, caution is advised as their bite is very poisonous and potentially fatal for children or the elderly.

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