Commercial treatments

Having pests can be bad for business and can pose many threats such as loosing customers, health problems, damage to extensive equipment, damage to stock, workplace disruptions and these can lead to health department intervention & expensive bills.

Whether you currently have a problem or just want regular pest maintenance to avoid developing a problem we can look after you. Our products are safe to use so we can ensure keeping your staff and customers safe.

Warranty on commercial work is to be determined upon quote.

Some of the commercial sites we currently service include but are not limited to: 

  • Butchers

  • Bakeries

  • Cafe's

  • Restaurants

  • Gyms

  • Local sport clubhouses and Community halls

  • Medical centers, Doctor surgeries and Dentist surgeries

  • Pre schools, Primary schools and Day care 

  • Churches

  • Retirement homes & Disability care homes

  • Factories and Warehouses

  • Food preparation warehouses 

  • Offices and Work spaces

We treat commercials sites for a range of pests many which require professionalism, sensitivity and some that require after hours work.

Rodent bait box we installed in a commercial bin area

Dishwasher infested with German Cockroaches. Cockroaches can short circuit and destroy expensive electricals