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mice (Rodents)

The Norway rat, Roof Rat and House Mouse are the three major pest rodents found in Australia.

House mice are covered in short hair that is light brown or grey to black in colour. Adult mice weigh approximately 12 to 30 grams and can grow up to 20 cm from the nose to the tip of the tail. 

Mice can quickly multiply and can do significant damage to your home or business through gnawing, contaminating food and spreading disease through the droppings they leave behind. Their droppings have even been known as potential asthma triggers. Droppings are rod-shaped and pointed on both ends.


Mice are very inquisitive and are very good climbers they are able to scale rough, vertical surfaces and walk along thin cables or wires. They have soft skeletons and can get through gaps the width of a pencil.

People often confuse mice droppings with those of the American cockroach. They have a similar size and appearance.
The house mouse has a sharp sense of hearing and communicates with other house mice through squeaks. 

Proofing your home of cracks and crevices, around pipes, eaves and trimming overhanging branches can help and inside the home clean areas under stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers which may be neglected, ​store pet foods in sealed containers and clean pet bowls at night.

It is best to call a professional to get rid of them without the hassle. There is no spray or electronic device that you can buy that actually works to deter rats and mice.

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